Let All The Children Boogie: a tribute to David Bowie

benefiting the It Gets Better Project

People saying nice things about the record

We've been thrilled with the reviews so far!  Just a sampling:

  • Cover Me Songs: "Those looking to put together an album of well-known pop songs aimed at children would be well served to use Let All the Children Boogie as their guiding template. Not only are these versions that can be enjoyed by the entire family, but they also complement the originals in a way few similarly-themed collections have managed thus far. Let All the Children Boogie is a must for Bowie fans of all ages."
  • Albumism: "Tribute albums can often be unimaginative, note-for-note reworkings of songs that hardly reflect the aura of the artist being honored. Luckily, this is not the case with Let All The Children Boogie. Mixing familiar Bowie tracks with some of his lesser known works like “V–2 Schneider” (Lloyd Miller & Dean Jones) and “Kooks” (Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players) was an absolutely brilliant touch that will please Bowie-philes like myself to no end. If you want to introduce your kids to Bowie’s music while keeping yourself entertained, Let All The Children Boogie is a great place to start."
  • GeekDad: "Never thought of Bowie’s music as particularly kid-friendly or good fodder for kids music? Think again. This compilation is great."  "The world is a darker, less interesting place without him in it, but this CD shines a light into the darkness and makes us all smile at the legacy he left… and want to dance."
  • Cool Mom Picks: "If the impromptu dance party my girls and I broke into at the dinner table last weekend is any indication, Spare The Rock Record’s soon to be released album Let All The Children Boogie: A Tribute To David Bowie is going to be a huge hit with families."
  • Life of Dad: "This Bowie tribute CD is the ideal entry point for introducing young people to “The Man Who Sold The World” (performed here by the remarkable Sonia de los Santos and Elena Moon Park), “Let’s Dance”, “Changes”, “Ziggy Stardust” and so many more Bowie classics, and even better, all the proceeds will benefit the It Gets Better Project."
  • Society of Rock: "Anything that makes children want to get up and dance and quite frankly, be the only ones in their kindergarten classes who know the words to “Space Oddity” is alright by us; don’t worry though adults, this cover is cool enough for those without children to still appreciate wholeheartedly, and after giving it a few spins, we’re sure you’ll wind up liking it as much as we do!"
  • Eat the Marshmallow: "So get ready to let your children boogie to songs created by an icon who embodied pushing artistic, cultural, and musical boundaries. What better way to spend the holidays!"

We were also featured on AV Club (premiering Rhett Miller's version of Ziggy Stardust), Ultimate Classic Rock (with Gustafer Yellowgold and The Pop Ups' Space Oddity), and Paste premiered Ted Leo's Heroes!

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